Our Team


Our Team

MacMurray & Associates, has more than 20 years of experience and provides exceptional
legal services in immigration, criminal, family and personal injury.


Kevin MacMurray

Elaisa Rubio

Elaisa Stephanie

Namir Kallab Dick


Daniel Welch

Bethany Dohman

Caitlyn Burges

Deniel Akselsen

Dolores Mattice

Matthew Vayda

Nicole Anzuoni

Matthew Gonnella


Ana Maria Cadena

Amber Villar

Lucy Quiroa

Maria Fernanda Turcios

Manuel Teshe

Ahitza Gonzalez

Migdalia Palacios

Cindy Teshe

Sam Slm

Andrea Perez

Wendy Hernandez

Natalia Cordova

Jessica Melo

Widermy Baez

Ruth Palacios

Leuny Macupido

Daniela Lucero

Jasmin Blanco

Dinora Canas

Stephen MacMurray

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